Trader Loans

Traders go about as an indispensable connection between the manufacturers of merchandise/commodities and the consumers. The product expects to give hassle free money to traders and to meet their business and monetary needs. Any individual or a firm (partnership or proprietorship) connected fundamentally in purchasing and selling of products is qualified for this plan which offers answer for all the money related needs of the wholesalers/traders/retailers.

  • Working Capital Requirements: To meet day to day working capital requirement of the unit/establishment.
  • Term Loan: Acquiring/construction of premises, go-downs on ownership basis required for running the business/for repair, furnishing, renovating existing business premises and/or purchase of furniture & fixtures and for purchase of brand new equipments, business tools, computers, UPS etc.
  • Non-fund based facilities (Letter of Credit & Bank Guarantee)

Non-finance facility can be considered well beyond the Working capital/Term Loan limit, yet inside the utmost surveyed dependent on estimation of securities and Up to The predefined most extreme farthest point under the plan. - However, whenever mentioned non reserve based utmost can't be obliged independently dependent on anticipated turnover or Offered securities, the equivalent can be considered as a sub Limit of working capital cutoff.

The advocate ought to ideally be occupied with the line of business for at least one complete financial year for which Income Tax Returns have been submitted alongside Statement of Financial Result's or Financials appropriately confirmed by a firm of Chartered Accountants acceptable to the authorizing expert. The unit ought to be a benefit making one.