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Personal Loan in Kerala

Welcome to , your premier source for the best personal loan in the state of Kerala and surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide Instant Personal Loan in Kerala  our clients with the most competitive rates and outstanding customer service for all of their personal needs.

Whether you are looking for a instant personal loan, or just searching for the best personal loans providers, we have you covered.

Places we provide car loan in Kerala :

  • Thiruvananthapuram
  • Kollam
  • Pathanamthitta
  • Kottayam
  • Alappuzha
  • Ernakulam
  • Thrissur
  • Palakkad
  • Malappuram
  • Kozhikode
  • Kannur
  • Kasaragod

Car loans we provide in other cities :

  • Chennai
  • Coimbatore
  • Selam
  • Thiruchi
  • Mangalore

We are committed to providing our clients with the best personal loans in the industry, and our team of experienced loan officers is here to help you every step of the way.

Personal loan in Kerala

At cochin finance service, we understand that obtaining a personal loan can be a confusing and overwhelming process. That’s why we are dedicated to making the process as simple and stress-free as possible. Our loan officers are knowledgeable and friendly, and will work with you to find the best personal loan for your specific needs.

Our competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms ensure that you can find a personal loan that meets your unique financial needs.

Our loan officers are available to answer any questions you may have and help you find the best personal loans providers for your needs. We look forward to helping you achieve your financial goals.

 EMI Calculator for Personal Loan in Kerala

We understand that managing your finances can sometimes be challenging. That’s why we offer a Personal Loan EMI Calculator to help you plan your loan repayments with ease. Our user-friendly calculator provides you with accurate and instant results, allowing you to make informed decisions about your personal loan.

How does our Personal Loan EMI Calculator work?

Our Personal Loan EMI Calculator uses a simple formula to calculate your monthly EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) based on your loan amount, interest rate, and loan tenure. Here’s how it works:

Loan Amount: This is the total amount you wish to borrow as a personal loan from Cochin Financial Services.

Interest Rate: This is the rate at which interest is charged on your personal loan, expressed as a percentage per annum.

Loan Tenure: This is the duration for which you wish to take the personal loan, usually in months or years.

Once you input these details into our Personal Loan EMI Calculator, it automatically calculates your monthly EMI amount, which includes both the principal amount and the interest. This helps you understand the monthly installment you will need to pay towards your personal loan.

Why use our Personal Loan EMI Calculator?

Our Personal Loan EMI Calculator offers several benefits, including:

  1. Accurate Results: Our calculator uses precise mathematical calculations to provide you with accurate EMI results, helping you plan your loan repayments with confidence.
  2. Instant Results: Our calculator provides you with instant results, eliminating the need for manual calculations and saving you time and effort.
  3. Easy Comparison: Our calculator allows you to input different loan amounts, interest rates, and loan tenures, helping you compare different loan scenarios and choose the one that best fits your budget and financial goals.
  4. Financial Planning: Our calculator helps you plan your finances effectively by providing you with a clear picture of your monthly EMI amount, allowing you to budget and manage your expenses accordingly.

Using our Personal Loan EMI Calculator is simple and hassle-free. Just visit our website and locate the calculator under the Personal Loan section. Input your loan amount, interest rate, and loan tenure, and let our calculator do the rest. It’s that easy!

At Cochin Financial Services, we are committed to providing you with transparent and convenient financial solutions. Our Personal Loan EMI Calculator is just one of the many tools we offer to help you achieve your financial goals. Contact us today to learn more about our personal loan options and how our calculator can assist you in planning your loan repayments effectively.

If you have an existing Loan, we helps you to take over the loan from your current to a new bank with less interest rate based on your eligibility and also helps you to Top up the loan with more amount.


Required Documents

Personal loan for Government employees and Private Limited Company employees with a minimum salary 20,000 INR (bank through salary only)
  • Salary Certificate in Company Letter head /6 months pay slips
  • Copy of Job Contract
  • One year bank statement in which salary is credited
  • form 16, ITR and computation (2018 and 2019 march)
  • Qualification Proof ( if professional)
  • Job ID card
  • pan card, Adhaar card
  • Co-Applicant Details (Photo, ID ,Address proof )
  • Loan sanction letter & loan track (starting to till date)




All loans are not created equal, Loans has become a great option for people to use.

Faster Loan

Cochin Financial Services helps you to get the loan faster than any other consultants! Starting from document prepartion, our main motto is to get you the money!

Choose amount

All charges are communicated up front in writing along with the loan quotation, and let us know how much money you want and we set strategy accordingly.

Enjoy the best rates

Our loan rates and charges are very attractive. We always get you loan for the best interest rates in the market. Its upto us to get you a hassle free loan.

Decide your tenure

As our loan rates and charges are very attractive, we help the clients to workout on tenure which never become a burden for them. We works for you.


Loan Eligibility

Main factors that determine eligibility for personal loan are

Loan Eligibility Criteria
ProfessionSalaried persons working in government, private or MNC companies and self employed professionals like Doctors, CA, CS, Architects
Eligible Age21 years to 60 years
Minimum Income for Loan EligibilityRs. 25,000 per month for salaried; Rs. 5 Lakh gross annual receipts for professionals
Work Experience Required3 years and above
Experience in Current CompanyVaries from 1 month to 1 year
Minimum CIBIL Score650
Maximum EMI as percent of Income65%


Frequently Ask Questions

If you have a question that deals with clients, customers or the public in general, there is bound to be a need for the FAQ page.


How will your bank decide your personal loan eligibility?

Your bank will assess your repayment capacity while deciding the home loan eligibility. Repayment capacity is based on your monthly disposable / surplus income, (which in turn is based on factors such as total monthly income / surplus less monthly expenses) and other factors like spouse’s income, assets, liabilities, stability of income etc.

The main concern of the bank is to make sure that you comfortably repay the loan on time and ensure end use. The higher the monthly disposable income, higher will be the amount you will be eligible for loan. Typically a bank assumes that about 55-60 % of your monthly disposable / surplus income is available for repayment of loan. However, some banks calculate the income available for EMI payments based on an individual’s gross income and not on his disposable income.

The amount of the loan depends on the tenure of the loan and the rate of interest also as these variables determine your monthly outgo / outflow which in turn depends on your disposable income.

What is an EMI?

You repay the loan in Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) comprising both principal and interest. Repayment by way of EMI starts from the month following the month in which you take full disbursement.

How does tenure affect cost of personal loan?

The longer the tenure of the loan, the lesser will be your monthly EMI outflow. Shorter tenures mean greater EMI burden, but your loan is repaid faster. If you have a short-term cash flow mismatch, your bank may increase the tenure of the loan, and your EMI burden comes down. But longer tenures mean payment of larger interest towards the loan and make it more expensive.

Can you repay your personal loan ahead of schedule? Is pre-payment of loan allowed?

Yes, most banks allow you to repay the loan ahead of schedule by making lump sum payments. However, many banks charge early repayment penalties up to 2-3% of the principal amount outstanding.

Prepayment penalty may vary according to the reasons and source of funds – if you obtain a loan from another bank for pre-payment the charges are usually higher than when you pay from your own sources. However, you may credit more than your EMI amount into your loan account on a periodic basis and bring down your interest burden as and when funds are available with you.

Most banks do not charge a pre-payment penalty if you deposit more than your EMI payable on a periodic basis. Please check such stipulations while availing the loan. cfc is the  No1 business loan in Kerala | Kochi.

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