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You need experts to provide you legitimate tax consultancy services. After all, it is your business and you need to know that you are submitting correct amount of money to the government from your hard earned profits. You also have inalienable right to know how your money is used by the government agencies in various development programs. We at Cochin Financial Service provide you expert advice on tax accounting services and other related services.


Benefits of filing Income Tax Returns
  • Avoid late fees under 234F
  • Avoid Tax Notices
  • Build Financial Documentation
  • Carry Forward your losses
  • Tax Refund

Our tax professionals have years of experience and in-depth domain knowledge of the various taxes such as Value Added Tax /Central Sales Tax, service tax, excise duty, entry tax and other indirect taxes. Our service offerings include advising on tax implications as well as implications on specific business activities /transactions, assisting in various compliances, structuring transactions to ensure the most tax efficient structure to achieve a given business objective.

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