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The best time to avail of home loans – NOW!

By: cfsadmin

A Financial Consultancy you were looking for! 

With a rich & bountiful experience spanning 15 years and still counting, we Cochin Financial Services (CFS) serves as an ideal mediator between you as well as leading banks for the best home loan in Kerala. Numerous reports are highlighting a real-estate trend that showcases an increase in accessibility to your dream homes, apartments, or villas post the COVID-19 pandemic period. As we are the best home loan consultants in Kerala, since 2005, several tie-ups with banking establishments ensure a streamlined housing loan lending process. 

Your safe financial requirements are our priority!

Get over the fear of your home loan getting rejected! 

Our well-qualified team ensures guaranteed success in your quest to avail of a home loan in Kerala. We have a team that consists of the best home loan agents in Kerala, which helps you with availing of the best housing loan in Kerala. We offer you access to different types of loans including the one that fetches your dream home at a competitive interest rate promptly. Afraid of home loans getting rejected? Don’t be. Our 15+ years of experience & expertise comes in handy here! 

Apply for home loans without any worry whatsoever; we got your back!

Get home loans from us, fast! 

Be a glad home or property owner through us, Cochin Financial Services. We help with financial as well as master counsel regardless of you being a salaried individual or an independently employed person. Get a home loan with aggressive financing costs through the aid of the best home loan consultants in Kerala. 

If you eye a line of properties for buying & selling, we help your venture that includes the land purchase and construction purposes. Our services include helping you avail loans for house construction, its maintenance & repair along with home loan takeover & top-up if required. 

Get proper legal & technical consultation for a simple home purchasing process!

Interest Rates & EMI 

As is known, the home loan is given by financial institutions with two kinds of interest rates: fixed and floating. With regards to the availed interest rates, a purchaser reimburses the loan amount in various types of EMIs (Equated Monthly Instalments). So how does, EMI works? Well, each EMI reimburses a piece of the principal amount. The extent of EMI reimbursement on principle & interest changes per time. Budgetary organizations such as us & the banks calculate and figure-out EMIs through a simple formula. The home loan gets paid off through EMIs over the designated loan period. 

CFS, your financial aide 

Do you have an existing loan? Would you require to take-over the loan from your current bank to a new bank with less interest? Consider it done! With our expertise, your ordeal just got easier! And yes. We do help you avail of a top-up loan as well; how convenient for you? Isn’t it? Just sublime! Produce the required documents as per our checklist and avail the home loan or the top-up one with ease! 

Hey! Avail faster home loans! 

Over the years, loans have become a reliable option for people to fulfil & achieve their dreams. With CFS, you get to avail of home loans at a faster rate than any of our competitors! The moment you undergo document preparation with us, your case of home-loan becomes our priority. Avail the coveted home loan in Kerala through us; CFS – One of the best home loan consultants in Kerala

Our Process 

We start with a document verification process, after assessing the home, apartment, villa, or land you are interested in. There is a checklist of documents that need to be produced. Upon proper verification procedure, we ask for the amount you have in mind; as professional like the best home loan consultants in Kerala! Once the amount is known for availing a housing loan in Kerala, we set appropriate financial home-loan- strategies that work in your favor. As you are availing the best home loan in Kerala, it is of no surprise that, you get to enjoy the best home-loan-rates available! We offer you attractive rates & charges and get you a home loan that works with the best interest rates in the market. 

Enjoy hassle-free loans with us

With the home loan amount along with the rates & charges are decided, the next step is to choose a tenure, which never becomes a burden. Such an easy procedure employed by Cochin Financial Services (CFS) avails your home loans. Helps in fulfilling your ultimate dream of owning a home, apartment, villa, or even land where house construction, as well as ensuing maintenance & repair, occurs. 

Any questions or clarifications? Ask Us!

Things to Note

  • Home loan eligibility gets decided based on your repayment capacity, which depends on your monthly surplus income. 
  • Other factors include assets, liabilities, income stability, and spouse’s salary. Higher monthly income helps with a substantial home loan amount and we calculate the EMIs based on this figure! 
  • The loan gets repaid in Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) that include both principals as well as interest. 
  • Once you withdraw the full disbursement of the loan amount, repayment of EMI starts from the following month. 
  • ✔ A longer tenure indicates a shorter EMI & expensive instalments! 
  • Check for pre-payment penalties when you avail of the loan. Although it’s rare, the process gets executed by certain banks.

What are you waiting for? 

With so much information in your hand, all you need to do is ringing up our office & setting an appointment. Let’s have discussions about the home loan you are seeking from one of the best home loan consultants in Kerala. Intimate us, if you need help with top-up home loans as well. We know that our partnership will grow and culminate in you acquiring that dream home you have your eye on! See you soon! 

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